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Place eleven hall = where the latvian heart
and metropolitan mind meets through vision,
hearing, smell, taste and feeling
Pioneer Mindset
Time, Place, Synchronicity, Energy, People,
Business, Game, Value
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Water / a drop of water


The hotel with a historical name gets a new look.

The hotel with a historical name gets a new look.

Newly-built in 1994, the hotel got its name in honor of the first "Hotel de Rome", which was built in 1878. Upon receipt of this name, the hotel built on a legacy of success stories and events related to the first hotel, including the famous restaurant "Otto Schwarz" with its international fame. It inherited prestige, charm and the mark of quality.

The vision we offered for the hotel was the one where modern solutions skilfully intertwined with solid values that are grounded in the building’s history. These values, as they are the foundation of hotel brand, had to be expressed in the hotel’s interior solutions, publicity materials and other elements that reflected its graphic identity. This all began with direct contact to the customer and finally to providing a marketing tool selection and form to create a coherent and unified image of the hotel. This made "Hotel de Rome" a leading hotel of its class, with a high level of service, perfect location and story - a truly successful formula in the very heart of Riga!







Permanent exhibition of the North Latgale
Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage


Project in collaboration with Dd Studio. The aim of the Centre’s permanent exhibition is to promote and explain the role of the intangible cultural heritage both in the past and in the present. The exhibition tells us about the unique culture of the Balvi region and how people preserve its heritage for future generations.
The exhibition reveals several major aspects of the cultural heritage of North Latgale creating, for every of these aspects, a separate room. Every exhibition room has its distinctive environment where authentic exhibits are integrated with modern technologies. The exhibition liberally uses sound and video; on touch-screens, visitors can find useful information as well as attractive games appealing to any age group. Several exhibits are “brought to life” by surprising light projections.


Permanent exhibition of Gobustan Museum


In collaboration with Dd Studio, we designed and installed a permanent exhibition at the Museum of Gobustan National Historical-Artistic Preserve. Gobustan is a unique monument where one can find petroglyphs, or stone carvings, created since the end of the Paleolithic Era up to the 20th century. Today, Gobustan Preserve is included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.
Special prize at the EMYA (European Museum of the Year Award) for the permanent exhibition at the Petroglyph Museum of Gobustan National Historical - Artistic Preserve in Azerbaijan.




Law firm office


Observing the specific features of one profession, the basic idea is taken from the instruments used in everyday work. This palette includes crumpled paper, text on paper, signature, light and shadow, dark and light, pen-and-ink, handwriting, clear light and origami. By admiring the simplicity and fullness of this crumpled paper, the white color is taken over in the interior. Grayish brown adorns the door. When a deliberate paper folding rhythm is used, we obtain excellent graphics which are used on the secretary’s counter and end table in the interior. Professionals in this field often put a signature at the end of a document. A signature shows the personality and identity of a person. We are bringing this instrument to life through an animation on a TV screen in the lounge, where different signatures of professionals can be seen.


The home of the tranquility

Our aim was to create a special and very private interior for the living house: comfortable and at the same time elaborate. The dominating scale of the quiet tones of the interior are refreshed by dark graphical elements in the lamps and accessories. The warm natural textiles and wooden surfaces contrast with different textures. The central object inside it is a hidden TV and fireplace; it is an individually created object with uniting graphical elements taken from the house’s exterior design. This object includes several functions and plays the role of separating elements to divide the room space into zones which allow movement around itself. Lamps are the most important objects at home. Lighting is essential. Accurate lighting is delicate and dissipated. It creates the feeling of comfort.


Coffee shop Makkabi

The interior is designed in accordance with the Jewish quarters characteristics. The public area is shaped like a mother’s home kitchen, where everyone is welcome into a family. The interior consists of both authentic plaster casts, functionally established kitchen counter and space dividing Soviet ornament wall elements. The name "Makkabi" is based on the Jewish historical character.



The Identity Pillar

It complements the Town Hall Square landscape with interactive elements of the people of Kuldiga and the guests of the town. They reveal the essence of the town dwellers, highlighting a historical inheritance rooted in values that support our present and future.
1. facet defies the main Values. 2. facet is formed with a mirror which, while reading proclamations, is used for self-reflection. 3. facet - interactive display which plays a video where 27 citizens reveal the true identity of their town spoken loudly with different proclamations. The materials used - wood, steel, granite and glass.
Official opening on 2015, May 15th.


Private apartment

A three -floor building built in 1877 as a dry cleaner’s, it is now a private apartment. The interior – door profiles and murals picture the city charm. The atmosphere is cosy and intimate.


Filling up the space.


Being a company of artistic and creative people, our desire is to make things look good together. Exhibitions require a high planning and composition skill set. This is always a pleasure for us to do.